Matlab: A Practical Introduction

There are a lot of “Introduction” books for Matlab®. So maybe writing up some notes on it might be an overkill, but it would be nice to have one that is more practical and goes straight to teaching students how to start using Matlab® or any language or tool. Especially from a non-programmer perspective (engineer, scientist, etc.) we usually just want results. For me, Matlab® is a fancy and expensive calculator.

Many people complain about the price for a license, which ranges from $50 for students to $2,150 for the standard full version. But you inherit years of development and testing that would cost you or your company many order of magnitude more to develop yourself. Not to mention that most academic and professional institutions already have some sort of group license and are readily available.

To assist in the teaching of Matlab®, the company also have a wealth of resources available to educators willing to use their product.

Educator’s Area
Classroom Resources

Here is my working Table of Contents:

  • Using Matlab as a Calculator
  • Vectors and Matrices
  • Vectorization
  • Using Loops and If Statements
  • Functions and Executables
  • More on Plotting
  • Numerical Integration (ODEs)
  • Creating GUIs

So, maybe in the future I will get a chance to teach a course in Matlab®.

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