ARO 406 (Winter 2016) Class Page

Course: ARO 406: Advanced Dynamics and Vibrations of Aerospace Systems (4 units)

Description: This course is intended to provide a basic knowledge of dynamics of aerospace systems. You will obtain an appreciation for vector dynamics, particle and rigid-body dynamics, linear and angular momentum, Lagrangian dynamics, free and forced vibration of discrete and continuous systems, random vibration and response. You will practice skills in engineering analysis and problem solving by both hand analysis and the MATLAB® computer program.

Prerequisite: C or better in ME 215 and MAT 318 (see below)

Section 01: 6:00 PM – 7:50 PM MW (14346) Room 17-1631

Text Book 1: H. Curtis, Orbital Mechanics for Engineering Students, Butterworth-Heinemann
Text Book 2: Thorby, Douglas, Structural Dynamics and Vibration in Practice – An Engineering Handbook, Butterworth-Heinemann, 2008. [Errata]

Reference 1: Greenwood, D. T., Principles of Dynamics, Prentice-Hall, 1988.
Reference 2: Nelson, Best, McLean and Potter, Engineering Mechannics: Dynamics’ Schaum’s Outlines, McGraw Hill 2010.


Syllabus: ARO 406 Syllabus


Lecture Notes Link
01 Syllabus
Lecture 01
02 Lecture 02
Lecture 02 Class Examples
03 Lecture 03
04 Lecture 04a
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Lecture 04b
05 Lecture 05a
Lecture 05b
06 Lecture 06a
07 Lecture 07a
Lecture 07b


HW Due Date Link
01 01/11/16 HW 01
02 01/20/16 HW 02
03 02/15/16 HW 03
04 03/02/16 HW 04


Exam Date Comments/Link
Quiz #1 01/20/16 Quiz 1 Solution
Quiz #2 03/02/16
Quiz #3 cancelled
Midterm Exam 02/10/16 Midterm
Final Exam 03/14/16 (6-8 PM) In class exam, open book and open notes.


ARO 406-01 Grade Sheet

Resources For Project/Report

AIAA Paper Template
AIAA Latex Template

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