ARO 309 (Winter 2017) Class Page

Course: ARO 309: Orbital Mechanics (3 units)

Description: This course provides a basic knowledge of spacecraft mission design, including orbits and trajectories, orbital environment, orbital maneuvering and rendezvous, and interplanetary transfers. You will obtain an appreciation for the fundamental design issues and constraints associated with the launching and operation of spacecraft and will acquire basic skills in engineering design and problem solving by hand analysis and using computer tools such as FreeFlyer and MATLAB®.

Prerequisite: ARO102, ARO203 and ME215. Fundamental knowledge of mechanical systems (dynamics and kinematics of particle and rigid bodies) is required. Also, basic knowledge about ordinary differential equations is needed.

Section 03: 6:00 PM – 7:15 PM MW (14481) Room 17-1623

Holidays: 1/16

Text Book: H. Curtis, Orbital Mechanics for Engineering Students, Butterworth-Heinemann

Grades: 20% Homework, 20% Project, 30% Midterm, 30% Final

Syllabus: aro309_syllabus



Lecture Notes Link
01 aro309_lecture_notes_set_01
02 Group Project Information
03 aro309_lecture_notes_set_03
04 aro309_lecture_notes_set_04
05 aro309_lecture_notes_set_05
06 aro309_lecture_notes_set_06
07 Project Report Requirement





Homework No. Date Due Link
01 01/25/17 ARO309_HW_01
rkf45 (please rename file to one with a .m extension)

02 02/01/17 ARO309_HW_02

03 02/15/17 ARO309_HW_03
04 02/22/17 ARO309_HW_04
05 02/27/17 ARO309_HW_05



Item Test Date Link
Midterm 2/08 from 6 – 7:15 PM
Finals 3/13 from 6 – 8 PM



Grades as of 3/13/2017


Other Resources

Matlab Introductions
Matlab (more advanced)

FreeFlyer University Guide

Lambert Targeters by Rody P.S. Oldenhuis

STK Fundamentals
Interplanetary Trajectories in STK (in Few Hundred Easy Steps)
AGI STK Example